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An Old-Fashioned Solution

Not too many years ago, when women would dress up they’d wear hose. That would mean a stocking for each individual leg that had to be held up somehow. Nylon stockings were a luxury, and they were purchased as such. Women loved the different shades you’d buy with the help of a salesperson, and men loved that the women wore garter belts to hold them up. Maybe that’s because there was always a little bit of skin left at the top of the leg where the garters met the top of the stocking. That made the women act more flirtatious and the men were left to imagine what all this was about. Skirts were longer then, so the imagination worked overtime thinking about the garter belts that might be embellished with lace or silk and worn under the skirts. Pantyhose came into fashion and, while they’re certainly more comfortable, they’re just not as flirtatious. If you want to spice things up and just feel more sexy, try buying yourself a pair of stockings and a garter belt. Let your man know what you’re doing. I’ll bet he’ll be interested and I’ll bet his imagination will start to work overtime. It probably won’t be an everyday occurrence, but it will be a nice solution every once in a while to relationship boredom.


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A Gift for you

Don’t you feel good when you are in your best outfit? Even more when people give you compliments for the same. Same is the case with lingerie. Wear your best lingerie and stand in front of the mirror, you yourself will admire your body. When we talk of clothes we think about being comfortable, but we forget that lingerie is more concerned with comfort. A good pair of lingerie not only makes you feel beautiful but your body also feels the relaxation, warmth and comfort. Try and buy exotic lingerie, this time you go shopping. You can bet it would be the best gift for your body and a surprise for your spouse. It would make your shape look good. Highlighting your curves and enhancing your personality and also the dress you wear then will look more elegant and appropriate. When we say exotic lingerie we talk about good quality, perfect shape and size, designer, made of good material. You must be having loads of normal lingerie but there must be some special ones for special occasions.

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The Girl is Looking Good

So, I went to that lingerie shop, you know the one, looking for sheer stockings. It was my anniversary and even after 15 years, it’s nice to give the guy a thrill now and then. I hadn’t been in a while, so imagine the fun I had in looking at all the different styles. I admit, I was kind of shocked at some of the stuff they are openly selling in the mall.

If that makes me old-fashioned, well I guess that’s what I’ll be. I finally settled on a very sheer pair, no seams, no lace, nothing but leg. I tried those on with my little black dress and it was a big hit. Isn’t it funny how those little surprises can enrich a relationship? It’s not like my guy doesn’t see my legs every day, there is just a certain romance in knowing I made the extra effort.

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Intimate lingerie as a wedding gift

Have you seen the latest line of lingerie items available? Whether you search online or stop at a specialty store you’re sure to find a wide selection of slink sexy items to wear. Lingerie also makes a great wedding shower gift. What new bride doesn’t want to seduce her new husband on their wedding night? Plus they have the whole honeymoon to spend being playfully intimate with each other so items of lingerie make a great gift. You can choose from stylish lacy camisoles or sensual <a href=”; target=”_blank”>beautiful babydolls</a>. You can find intimates embellished with black lace or dainty ruffles. You can choose soft and silky satin or silk garments as well as traditional cotton ones. You can even create a whole outfit complete with garters and stockings to keep or give as a gift. Today’s lingerie comes in a large selection of colors and fabrics that are sure to please any woman.Have you seen the latest line of lingerie items? Why not spend some time searching on the internet and look for something that will best fit your style?

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The Practical Life of Amazons

I just watched the pilot episode of Wonder Woman, saw the Amazons running around in little silk things. Of course they dressed like that. They didn’t have husbands to fight with. It’s not fun to fight with your husband. For one thing, it’s harder to wash flannel pajamas than <a href=”; target=”_blank”>satin babydoll lingerie</a>. They get all balled up in the drier and you have to unball them and even then they pill. Happy harmony lingerie washes like a breeze, just put them through with anything but denim, and lay them out on the coverlet wet. They’ll be dry by the time you need them. And just putting on the flannels feels like a failure, announcing to the world “Hey, I’m cranky”. I don’t think that there are cranky women on Paradise Island. And, I imagine that they drink hot chocolate all the time. I used to hear from relations who lived in hot climates that they invented disposable underthings, just wear and throw away, light, cobwebby silk things. I imagine that this is how laundry is handled on Paradise Island, because if it took a lot of dry cleaning and fuss to keep clean on a tropical island, it wouldn’t be Paradise.

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Erotic Lingerie Ow Ow Ow

I must admit, I love my wife’s underwear. I’ve even borrowed it at appropriate times, such as being in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. As little as she is, I thought that if I used her <a href=”; target=”_blank”>fishnet bodystocking</a> as tights, I could just loosely wrap the sleeves around my waist and allow for some of the extra body to give more stretch for my longer legs. To my delight the stockings pulled all the way up. “Hey, they really are one size fits all” I thought as I arranged the extra bits under the rest of the costume. She looked great as Magenta and we had a great couple’s evening doing the floor show. The problem came when at the end of a long evening I went to take it off. She was sleepy, I was standing by the bed, and I first noticed the problem when the stockings would not pull down over my rear. I discretely pulled off everything else and went to the bathroom to discover the problem. To my horror I discovered that what my wife had told me was true – I have a very hairy back. My lower back hair had become twisted into the stockings and wasn’t budging. I then had a horrible guess and rolled my hands around to the front to see if what I dreaded was true. My hairy body was interwoven with the nylon and latched firmly on. It was as bad as any situation I’d ever gotten “the guys” into. I gave a gentle tug, and moaned. Too late, my wife was at the door and greeted the “Don’t come in, please!” with picked-up speed and dashed in to rescue me from whatever predicament I’d gotten myself into. I now know a lot more about why women have so many razors, and my underwear had little dots of blood on them from the pulled-out hair for the next two days. They look great on her, but fishnet bodystockings can catch a great deal more than fish.

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My Very Easygoing Wife

The first time I met her I noticed what all men would – this is an Asian woman with big boobs. How did that happen? Everyone on my dorm wondered if “they” were real or created. Lucky for me I actually shared some interests with her and became her friend. I still had the dare from my friends to find out. I knew at that point that she was Hungarian on one side, and Mongolian on the other. I’d seen other members of her family and guessed that the sweater puppies were the real thing. The first time she and I did laundry together this was confirmed. The Brooklyn bridge isn’t so well engineered. I did what all men would do at this point. I put the bra on my head. She groaned and waved her hand. Apparently this wasn’t a new joke for her. I then took it off and started counting underwires. “I wear a bra with underwires when I don’t wear an encapsulation bra. That’s like wearing a pair of hardhats on your chest. Trouble is, they look sexy when in fact they are just a comfortable way to strap the girls down.” I then grabbed a pair of underwear. This was too good to be true. They were <a href=”; target=”_blank”>crotchless panties</a>. I might tell my dorm mates about the five-wire bras, but even eighteen year old doofus me knew better than to let any other guy know about this. She rolled her deepset pixie eyes and sighed. “Simple. You guys unzip and pull down the waistband. You don’t fuss with the y fronts, ever. I wear skirts, it’s just easier for basic human functions this way. Jeannie is a girl, she has girl parts, get over it already.” I knew in my heart that I would never look at a girl in a skirt again without speculating if something like these were concealed underneath. I had an older sister but the mysteries of female life were just beginning to be revealed to me.

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Thongs for everyone

Panty lines are just not pretty to see under your snug skirts, slacks, and jeans. And grandma-type panties are just not pretty to see when you take off your skirts, slacks, and jeans. Too many of us are walking around with old underwear underneath our nice clothes. It doesn’t provide the right foundation, and it doesn’t help us feel good about ourselves. You may not think <a href=”; target=”_blank”>thong panties</a> are for you, but think again. They are not uncomfortable; in fact, made of the right material, they can be the most comfortable thing you wear. The front panel can be made in such a way that it offers a lot of control if you want that. Thongs are made in lots of different materials and colors so you can find something that makes you feel pretty or sexy. And, best of all, no VPL (visible panty line). You can walk out of that meeting without having to walk backwards because there’ll be no worries about what’s showing. There are very few women who won’t benefit from trying thong panties, and their partners will appreciate it to!

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Fishnet stockings, back in style

Remember <a href=”; target=”_blank”>fishnet stockings</a> from back when you were in grade school or high school? As with nearly everything, no matter what it all comes back around, for the next generation to enjoy or make fun of. Back in the day, when they got a hole or so in them, they were tossed away. Now days, it is the style to wear them that way. Plus, you pay big money to buy them in that torn up condition. Fishnets go with everything from jeans, shorts, skirts, and even sexy lingerie to spice things up. Plus, even if they get torn or ripped, they will still be good to use for another outfit. They are also used for dance outfits. They come in a multitude of colors, black, white, navy, red, pink, orange, green or even yellow. So, if you happen to have some tucked away from years gone by, you can pull them out, put them on, and presto, you are back in style, and never spent a penny.

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Many Uses of Fishnet Stockings

At first glance, it seems sort of presumptous to even consider buying fishnet stockings in this day and age. The first thought that comes to mind is something like the movie Erma LaDuche – or whatever the name of that movie was. Probably, the second thing you remember is the leg lamp from the movie “The Christmas Story”. You remember the one with the fishnet stocking covering the one leg lamp that supported the fringed lampshade. Everything comes around again and so if you have saved your <a href=”; target=”_blank”>thigh high fishnet stockings</a> this might be the time to take them out and dust them off. It looks like all sorts of patterns are appearing in stockings again. Some of the designs are opaque and other designs are diamond shaped. Can the fishnet design be far behind?

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